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Ann-Sofie Forslund
Ann-Sofie Forslund

Ann-Sofie Forslund

Luleå University of Technology
Professional Support
+46 (0)920 493026
B007 Luleå


Article in journal

Accepting the inevitable (2021)

A mixed method approach with assessment and perceptions of well-being in very old persons within the northern Sweden Silver-MONICA study
Almevall. A, Zingmark. K, Nordmark. S, Forslund. A, Niklasson. J
Archives of gerontology and geriatrics (Print), Vol. 92
Article in journal

Alcohol intake in relation to non-fatal and fatal coronary heart disease and stroke: EPIC-CVD case-cohort study (2018)

Ricci. C, Wood. A, Muller. D, Gunter. M, Agudo. A, Boeing. H, et al.
BMJ (Clinical Research Edition), Vol. 361
Article in journal

Temporal variation in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest with validated cardiac cause (2018)

Jallow. T, Wennberg. P, Forslund. A
Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal, Vol. 52, nr. 3, s. 149-155
Article in journal

A second chance at life: people's lived experiences of surviving out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (2017)

Forslund. A, Jansson. J, Lundblad. D, Söderberg. S
Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, Vol. 31, nr. 4, s. 878-886
Article in journal

A century of trends in adult human height (2016)

Bentham. J, Di Cesare. M, Stevens. G, Zhou. B, Bixby. H, Cowan. M, et al.
eLIFE, Vol. 5