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Annica Sandström
Annica Sandström

Annica Sandström

Luleå tekniska universitet
Institutionen för ekonomi, teknik, konst och samhälle
A315 Luleå

Annica Sandström is professor in political science specialized in environmental policy and natural resource governance. Her work includes studies on the socio-political complexities of marine-, water- and wildlife managment, as well as more theory driven pieces on policy networks, policy coalitions, collaborative governance and policy implementation. 

Contact Annica

Luleå University of Technology
971 87 Luleå, Sweden
+46 (0)920 49 13 56
+46 (0)70 253 06 23


Artikel i tidskrift

Exploring enablers and obstacles to policy-oriented learning in Swedish marine national park planning (2022)

Morf. A, Sandström. A, Söderström. S
Environmental Policy and Governance
Artikel i tidskrift

Disputed Policy Change (2021)

The Role of Events, Policy Learning, and Negotiated Agreements
Sandström. A, Morf. A, Fjellborg. D
Policy Studies Journal, Vol. 49, nr. 4, s. 1040-1064
Artikel i tidskrift

Krokiga vägar mot marina nationalparker (2021)

Morf. A, Sandström. A, Sara. S, Fjellborg. D
Havsutsikt, nr. 2
Artikel i tidskrift

The link between collaborative governance design and markers of legitimacy: Comparing Swedish water- and large carnivore management (2021)

Söderberg. C, Sandström. A, Lundmark. C, Nilsson. J
Environmental Policy and Governance, Vol. 31, nr. 6, s. 563-579