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Ann-Charlotte Kassberg

Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Occupational therapy
Division of Health, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Department of Health Sciences


Article in journal

A scaling-up strategy supporting the expansion of integrated care (2019)

a study protocol
Grooten. L, Alexandru. C, Alhambra-Borrás. T, Anderson. S, Avolio. F, Valia Cotanda. E, et al.
Journal of Integrated Care, Vol. 27, nr. 3, s. 215-231
Article in journal

Perceived occupational balance in people with stroke (2019)

Kassberg. A, Nyman. A, Larsson-Lund. M
Disability and Rehabilitation
Article in journal

Places visited for activities outside the home after stroke (2019)

Relationship with the severity of disability
Olofsson. A, Nyman. A, Kassberg. A, Malinowsky. C, Larsson-Lund. M
British Journal of Occupational Therapy
Article in journal

Comparison of two multimodal pain rehabilitation programmes, in relation to sex and age (2018)

Spinord. L, Kassberg. A, Stenberg. G, Lundqvist. R, Stålnacke. B
Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, Vol. 50, nr. 7, s. 619-628
Article in journal

Interventions aimed at improving the ability to use everyday technology in work after brain injury (2016)

Kassberg. A, Prellwitz. M, Malinowsky. C, Larsson-Lund. M
Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Vol. 23, nr. 2, s. 147-157