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Anna-Lena Ljung
Anna-Lena Ljung

Anna-Lena Ljung

Associate Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid and Experimental Mechanics
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 491320
E814 Luleå



Article in journal

Design considerations to prevent thermal hazards in cylindrical lithium-ion batteries (2021)

An analytical study
Moosavi. A, Ljung. A, Lundström. T
Journal of Energy Storage, Vol. 38
Article in journal

Influence of substrate material on flow in freezing water droplets—an experimental study (2021)

Fagerström. E, Ljung. A, Karlsson. L, Lycksam. H
Water, Vol. 13, nr. 12
Article in journal

Simulation of Thermal Effects on the Flow Field in a Pilot-Scale Kiln (2021)

Larsson. I, Ljung. A, Marjavaara. B
Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, Vol. 38, nr. 3, s. 1487-1495
Article in journal

Comparing Internal Flow in Freezing and Evaporating Water Droplets Using PIV (2020)

Karlsson. L, Ljung. A, Lundström. S
Water, Vol. 12, nr. 5
Article, review/survey

Review of the Numerical Modeling of Compression Molding of Sheet Molding Compound (2020)

Alnersson. G, Tahir. M, Ljung. A, Lundström. T
Part of: Processes