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I am a PhD student in iron- and steelmaking within the process metallurgy group. My research is focused on utilizing biomass material in the reduction of iron oxide briquettes. My approach is to utilize renewable and neutral carbon instead of fossil carbon to mitigate the CO2 emissions in the iron and steel industry. On the other hand, using high reactivity reducing agent (biomass) in iron ore composite will enhance the reactivity of burden that can lower the thermal reserve zone temperature. I am using thermogravimetric analyser (TGA) connected by quadruple mass spectroscopy (QMS) to monitor mass loss and evolved gases during reduction. I am doing different analyses like x-ray diffraction (XRD) to evaluate the effect of added biomass on the reaction product during reduction and carbon analysis to evaluate the carbon consumption during the reduction process.


I am involved in the supervision of second cycle student projects.


I started work in Central metallurgical research institute (CMRDI) in Egypt in December 2008 and I got master degree in inorganic chemistry from El-Monofiya University 2012. My M.Sc. degree focused in the effect of different sized or iron oxide in the reduction of iron oxide composite.