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Mikael Bäckman
Mikael Bäckman

Mikael Bäckman

PhD Student
Luleå University of Technology
Musical Performance
Music, Media and Theatre
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
+46 (0)911 72728

Mikael Bäckman

Mikael has been performing and recording with his harmonica since the early 90’s.

In 1995 he joined blues-band Ramblin’ Minds and has been with them ever since, releasing six albums and touring all over Sweden as well as Finland and Norway. 

In 2008, Mikael and Ulrika Weinz formed John Henry, a Country / Americana-band that has released three albums and performed numerous concerts in Sweden, Finland, Norway, France and Switzerland. John Henry was also a part of MS-Blows!, a collection of various Harmonica players (Kim Wilson, Charlie McCoy, Mickey Raphael, Joe Filisko among others) helping a cause and a friend. John Henry was the only European act on the album.  

Mikael has a masters degree in Music Pedagogy (2006) and Musical Performance (2017). He is currently working on his PhD in Musical Performance.

Mikael has been teaching the harmonica since the early 2000’s and among his former students are Joel Andersson of JA Harmonicas and Mikael Fall, World Champion in Trossingen 2013. 

Mikael is a proud endorsee of Hohner Harmonicas since 2012. 

In 2017 Mikael was one of sixteen presenters at the World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen, Germay.

2020 and 2022, Mikael was one of the featured performers at the annual SPAH (the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica) convention.


2004 Norrbottens Akademiens Särskilda Musikstipendium

2006 Nordeastipendiet

2009 Winner, Swedish Championship of Country Music w/ John Henry

2010 Piteå Kommuns Kulturstipendium, w/ John Henry

2012 Winner, Swedish Championship of Country Music w/ John Henry




Music Education thesis

Musical Performance thesis


Artistic output

John Henry @Luleå Live (2021)

Bäckman. M
Artistic output

John Henry Live@Acusticum (2020)

Bäckman. M
Artistic output

Norrbotten blues (2019)

CD-produktion av Ronny Eriksson och Ramblin' Minds
Johannesson. T, Wedin. A, Lundqvist. M, Holmberg. L, Bäckman. M, Eriksson. R, et al.
Artistic output

Ronny Eriksson & Ramblin' Minds Arvidsjaur (2019)

Wedin. A, Lundqvist. M, Holmberg. L, Johannesson. T, Bäckman. M
Artistic output

Ronny Eriksson & Ramblin Minds med Backens manskör (2019)

Wedin. A, Holmberg. L, Bäckman. M, Lundqvist. M