Bengt-Arne Fjellner
Bengt-Arne Fjellner

Bengt-Arne Fjellner

IT Administrator
Luleå University of Technology
Professional Support
+46 (0)920 491894
A130 Skellefteå


Article in journal

Estimation of shrinkage coefficients in radial and tangential directions from CT images (2017)

Hansson. L, Couceiro. J, Fjellner. B
Wood Material Science & Engineering, Vol. 12, nr. 4, s. 251-256
Article in journal

Wood shrinkage coefficient and dry weight moisture content estimations from CT-images (2013)

Hansson. L, Fjellner. B
Pro Ligno, Vol. 9, nr. 4, s. 557-561
Conference paper

Means for measuring people's preferences for visual wood with aid of Internet (2006)

Broman. O, Nordvik. E, Fjellner. B
Part of: Wood resources and panel properties :, Conference Proceedings ; Valencia, Spain, 12-13. Juni 2006, AIDMA, 2006
Article in journal

Predicting moisture content and density distribution of Scots pine by microwave scanning of sawn timber (2003)

Johansson. J, Hagman. O, Fjellner. B
Journal of Wood Science, Vol. 49, nr. 4, s. 312-316