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Johan Bergström
Johan Bergström

Johan Bergström

Professional Support

Johan Bergström works as a project manager for commercialization activities at Luleå University of Technology in Luleå and Piteå since 1 September 2011. It aims to support and inspire students and staff at the university to develop their ideas into commercial products and services.

Johan is a registered nurse, educated at the University of Gävle-Sandviken, Sweden, and has worked in emergency care for ten years at the emergency department, intensive care and ambulance. He also has a background in the music industry with record label activities, publishing, distribution, and nyföretagarprojekt in music. He also has a short but intense career as music artist. Furthermore, Johan has driven consulting firm with courses in CPR and first aid.

Leisure time devoted to the family consisting of wife, two kids, a dog and two cats as well as music, sports and husliv.

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