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Sven Berg
Sven Berg

Sven Berg

Associate Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Wood Science and Engineering
Wood Science and Engineering
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)910 585370
A141l Skellefteå


Article in journal

Diaphragm shear and diagonal compression testing of cross-laminated timber (2021)

Sharifi. J, Sharifi. Z, Berg. S, Ekevad. M
SN Applied Sciences, Vol. 3
Article in journal

Finite element analysis of alternative load paths to prevent disproportionate collapse in platform-type CLT floor systems (2021)

Huber. J, Mpidi Bita. H, Tannert. T, Berg. S
Engineering structures, Vol. 240
Conference paper

Finite Element Modelling Of Alternative Load Paths after a Wall Removal in a Platform CLT Building (2021)

Huber. J, Ekevad. M, Berg. S, Girhammar. U
Part of: World Conference on Timber Engineering 2021: Book of abstracts, s. 1867-1873, Curran Associates, Inc., 2021
Conference paper

Computational and experimental analysis of timber beams with different types of flaws (2020)

Kováčiková. J, Ivánková. O, Berg. S, Ekevad. M, Klas. T
Part of: Fracture and damage mechanics, Theory, Simulation and Experiment, American Institute of Physics (AIP), 2020, 020036
Article in journal

Finite element analysis of alternative load paths in a platform-framed CLT building (2020)

Huber. J, Ekevad. M, Girhammar. U, Berg. S
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Vol. 173, nr. 5, s. 379-390