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Bernd Weiss
Bernd Weiss

Bernd Weiss

PhD Student
Luleå University of Technology
Product Innovation
Humans and Technology
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
A2204 Luleå

Managing Change and Innovation to Initiate and Accelerate Industrial Transformation


Bernd is a doctoral candidate in the intersection of Product Innovation and Space Systems at Luleå University of Technology (LTU). His expertise is in industry-scale transformation and technology management. Bernd conducts research on best practices for circular-, digital-, and sustainable transformation and on approaches for Sustainable-Designs by default. With his work, he aims to contribut to the knowledge bodies in circular transformation, change and innovation management, reusable product designs, and sustainable production. Bernd is co-founder of Circulate360, an accelerator to foster university-industry collaboration and the development of innovations based on the circular economy principles. Bernd is speaker and actively involved in the renowned Ecosystems2030 think-tank, which has its orgigens at NASA Innovation Summits.


Leveraging Change and Innovation Management: PhD and Research, Creaternity


Project A: Managing Change and Innovation to Accelerate Circular Transformation (in draft phase)

Details coming soon.

Project B: Approaching Sustainable Spacecraft End-of-life: Reusable Hardware and Circular Economy Principles in Outer Space (Creaternity Space Lab)

The need for material circularity and sustainability is not limited to human activities on Earth and in fact, has broad implications for the utilization of outer space. Most materials in spacecraft that are (currently) launched into space are later wasted when burned up in Earth atmosphere or, due to limitations of available technology, unrecoverable after moved into disposal orbits. This means losing rare-earth elements, highly valuable materials, and functional components, but with this, also a lot of chemicals and toxic substances or materials. Driven by technological advancements, the reuse of space hardware is now becoming more feasible and with this, potentially, an alternative to spacecraft end-of-life disposal strategies. Reuse of hardware already in space can positively impact space mission costs and the development of new technology. In addition, it can be a solution to prevent (or lower) space debris and space junk, and to limit negative impacts on environmental sustainability for Earth and in space.

Bernd is investigating the drivers and the barriers related to the reuse of space hardware and best practices of the circular economy “reuse” principle. He is examining design implications, technology requirements for end-of-life alternatives, and looks at the financial performance of (circular) business models related to the reuse of space hardware. Bernd aims to develop the roadmap to full in-space spacecraft reusability, contributing to long-term space sustainability and to the expansion of the circular economy to outer space.

Project C: Regulatory Actions and Sustainability in Space (in draft phase)

Details coming soon.

Project D: On Entering Sustainable Transfomation: A Space Industry Case (in draft phase)

Details coming soon.


Involved Organizations and Clusters

  1. Creaternity LTU: Creaternity Space Lab
  2. Swedisch Aerospace Research Cluster (SARC)
  3. Ecosystems2030
  4. Production2030
  5. Creaternity Graduate School
  6. Alliance for A Sustainable Future in Space


International Collaborations

For his research, he works with several academic institutions in the US and industry partners in the US, Taiwan, Sweden and Germany.  

Keynotes and talks

  1. Humanity's Future in Space: Approaching Space Sustainability, UNIVERSEH Special Lecture Series, Towards a Sustainable and Circular Space Econom, 3/8/2023: LINK (no recording). Presenation: on request
  2. Ecosystems 2030 - Open Session: How to Innovate in Uncertainity: LINK, Recording: (soon)


In the Press

  1. Green Leaders of the Future: Linkedin | Page for PDF Page 24 (direct link PDF)
  2. Utbildar framtidens gröna ledare: Framtidens Forskning
  3. Creaternity Space Lab - First Paper Publication
  4. Production2030 Graduate School Interview: Linkedin | PDF


Teaching and Examining

  1. O7014N, Advanced project management | LTU Canvas Page LP4, H22 (Examiner)
  2. M7014 T Product Development Processes | LTU Canvas Page Lp1, H22 (Teacher)


Relevant news articles: Circular Economy, Reuse of Space Hardware, and Planetary Sustainability



Bernd's articles on Circular Economy, Innovation, Technology



Book suggestions:

  1. Product Design and Development, K. T. Ulrich
  2. Strategic Management of Technological Innovation, M. Schilling
  3. Managing Innovation, J. Tidd, J. Bessant
  4. Life Cycle Assessment, M. Z. Hauschild



External Links to Projects

Creaternity Space Lab

Creaternity Space Lab is an interdiscziplinary research group connecting stakeholders of curcularity and reuseability in space.

NOTE: this page is being developed, please see the presentation below and reach out to. me with questions. 


Conference paper

Circularity and Sustainability in Aerospace: The Case of Spacecraft Materials (2023)

Clauss. M, Weiss. B, Laufer. R, Öhrwall Rönnbäck. A
Paper presented at : Aerospace Europe Conference 2023, Joint 10th EUCASS - 9th CEAS Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland, July 9-13, 2023
Conference paper

Design for X: Enabling the reuse of Space Hardware? (2023)

Weiss. B, Öhrwall Rönnbäck. A, Laufer. R, Clauss. M
Part of: Proceedings of the Design Society, ICED 2023, s. 1257-1266, Cambridge University Press, 2023
Conference paper

Creaternity Space: In Search of Circularity for Reuse of Spacecraft Materials (2022)

Clauss. M, Weiss. B, Laufer. R, Öhrwall Rönnbäck. A, Losch. A
Part of: IAC 2022 Congress Proceedings, 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC), Paris, France, International Astronautical Federation, 2022, 69410
Conference paper

Space Product Development Process: Integrating a Sustainability Perspective in Design and Production of Spacecraft (2022)

Weiss. B, Clauss. M, Öhrwall Rönnbäck. A, Laufer. R
Part of: IAC 2022 Congress Proceedings, 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC), Paris, France, International Astronautical Federation, 2022, 71709