Bijish Babu
Bijish Babu

Bijish Babu

Mechanics of Solid Materials
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 491824
E150 Luleå


Article in journal

Physically Based Constitutive Model of Ti-6Al-4V for Arbitrary Phase Composition (2018)

Babu. B, Charles. C, Lindgren. L
International journal of plasticity, ISSN: 0749-6419
Article in journal

Dislocation density based model for plastic deformation and globularization of Ti-6Al-4V (2013)

Babu. B, Lindgren. L
International journal of plasticity, ISSN: 0749-6419, Vol. 50, s. 94-108
Article in journal

Simulation of manufacturing chain of a titanium aerospace component with experimental validation (2012)

Tersing. H, Lorentzon. J, Francois. A, Lundbäck. A, Babu. B, Barboza. J, et al.
Finite elements in analysis and design (Print), ISSN: 0168-874X, Vol. 51, s. 10-21
Conference paper

Simulating a chain of manufacturing processes for prediction of component properties (2011)

Lundbäck. A, Lindgren. L, Babu. B, Charles. C
Part of: XXth International Symposium on Air Breathing Engines 2011, (ISABE 2011) : Gothenburg, Sweden 12-16 Swptember 2011, Curran Associates, Inc., 2011