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Birger Marklund
Birger Marklund

Birger Marklund


Article in journal

Cutting forces and chip formation revisited based on orthogonal cutting of Scots pine (2018)

Zhaolong. Z, Buck. D, Ekevad. M, Marklund. B, Guo. X, Cao. P, et al.
Holzforschung, Vol. 73, nr. 2, s. 131-138
Conference paper

Influence of Tool Geometry on Self-feeding when Sawing Frozen Wood (2017)

Marklund. B, Ekevad. M, Sandberg. D
Paper presented at : 23rd International Wood Machining Seminar (IWMS-23), Warsaw, Poland, May 28-31 2017

Hyveldjupets inverkan på mögelbenägenhet hos råspont av furu och gran (2016)

Sehlstedt-Persson. M, Öhman. M, Marklund. B, Myronycheva. O
Article in journal

Effect of average chip thickness and cutting speed on cutting forces and surface roughness during peripheral up milling of wood flour/polyvenyl chloride composite (2015)

Guo. X, Li. R, Cao. P, Ekevad. M, Cristovao. L, Marklund. B, et al.
Wood research, Vol. 60, nr. 1, s. 147-156
Article in journal

Investigation of Glueline Shear Strength of Pine Wood Bonded with PVAc by Response Surface Methodology (2015)

Li. R, Guo. X, Ekevad. M, Marklund. B, Cao. P
BioResources, Vol. 10, nr. 3, s. 3831-3838