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Birgitta Nordström



Artikel i tidskrift

A pilot study of the impact of the electro suit Mollii® on body functions, activity and participation in children with cerebral palsy (2022)

Flodström. C, Axelsson. S, Nordström. B
Assistive technology, Vol. 34, nr. 4, s. 411-417
Artikel i tidskrift

A pilot study of children and parents experiences of the use of a new assistive device (2021)

the electro suit Mollii
Nordström. B, Prellwitz. M
Assistive technology, Vol. 33, nr. 5, s. 238-245
Artikel i tidskrift

Organizing for sustainable inter-organizational collaboration in health care processes (2020)

Karlsson. M, Garvare. R, Zingmark. K, Nordström. B
Journal of Interprofessional Care, Vol. 34, nr. 2, s. 241-250
Artikel i tidskrift

Physio- and Occupational Therapists View of the Place of Play in Re/habilitation: A Swedish Perspective (2020)

Nordström. B, Lynch. H, Prellwitz. M
International journal of disability, development and education