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Bo Nordell

Bo Nordell

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Bo Nordell is heading LTU's research group on Renewable Energy, which has a history in water resources engineering. This history also reflects ongoing research. Nordell has mainly been working in the fields of thermal energy storage and snow/ice related problems. He is the author of about 30 scientific articles in international journals and 70 presentations at international scientific conferences


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Artikel i tidskrift

Site Selection of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Systems in Shallow Groundwater Conditions (2019)

Al-Madhlom. Q, Al-Ansari. N, Laue. J, Nordell. B, Hussain. H
Water, Vol. 11, nr. 7

Development of the Lillpite River Valley after Dam Removal (2018)

Nordell. B, Bergman. G, Wiklund. M
Paper presented at : International Seminar on Dam Removal, Hudiksvall, Sweden, 24-26 September 2018
Artikel i tidskrift

A brief review on application of solar desalination in irrigation to have a sustainable agriculture (2017)

Yousefi. B, Boroomand-Nasab. S, Moazed. H, Nordell. B
Desalination and Water Treatment, s. 1-13
Artikel i tidskrift

A method to estimate the hydraulic conductivity of the ground by TRT analysis (2017)

Scorpo. A, Nordell. B, Gehlin. S
Ground Water, Vol. 55, nr. 1, s. 110-118
Artikel i tidskrift

Condensation Irrigation Field Test (2017)

Measurements of Soil Moisture
Yousefi. B, Boroomand-Nasab. S, Moazed. H, Nordell. B
International Journal of Basic Sciences & Applied Research, Vol. 6, nr. 3, s. 263-268


Studentuppsats (Examensarbete)

Försök med turbulensminskning (1979)

Nilsson. R, Nordell. B
Självständigt arbete på avancerad nivå (magisterexamen), 10 poäng / 15 hp