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Brenda Vidal
Brenda Vidal

Brenda Vidal

Research Assistant
Luleå University of Technology
Urban Water Engineering
Architecture and Water
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 493574
T3012 Luleå

Brenda's main research interests are related to sustainable sanitation solutions, with focus on decentralized small scale wastewater facilities.

Her background is in Environmental Sciences in general and Water Resources in particular. During her Master's studies, the focus of her thesis was on sustainable sanitation. She conducted research at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala on blackwater sanitation with urea treatment, in a case study. She carried out the lab work and elaborated a life cycle analysis comparing decentralized blackwater treatment with conventional centralized treatment.

Brenda started her PhD in March 2016 and works with multicriteria analysis by comparing different de-centralized technologies for household´s wastewater according to their sustainability. In her analysis she considers five main criteria with related indicators; environmental, social, economic, health and technological. Moreover, she investigated and sampled already existing small-scale wastewater facilities, where phosphorous filter´s performance and bacteria discharges were analysed. She presented her Licentiate work in December 2018. At the moment she is working with the sampling for the ON-SITE project (see link below) and in a study that investigates the drivers for implementing centralized or decentralized wastewater systems.

By using environmental assessment and decision support tools such as multicriteria analysis and by collecting field data, Brenda would like to contribute to the development of knowledge and better understanding of small-scale wastewater systems, their sustainability and resilience in a context of adaptation in a changing world.

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Article in journal

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Article in journal

Flexible and Resource-Recovery Sanitation Solutions: What Hindered Their Implementation? A 40-Year Swedish Perspective (2022)

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The Journal of urban technology
Conference paper

Treatment efficiency of small-scale package plants in northern Sweden and Finland (2021)

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Paper presented at : NORDIWA, 5-7 Sept 2021, Digital conference
Article in journal

Assessing the sustainability of on-site sanitation systems using multi-criteria analysis (2019)

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