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Frank Brückner
Frank Brückner

Frank Brückner

Adjunct Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Product and Production Development
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics

Head of Additive Manufacturing (AM) at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS Dresden.


Article in journal

Absorbance study of powder conditions for laser additive manufacturing (2022)

Brandau. B, Da Silva. A, Wilsnack. C, Brueckner. F, Kaplan. A
Materials & design, Vol. 216
Article in journal

Additive manufacturing of a metallic optical bench—process development, material qualification and demonstration (2022)

Schneider. J, Norman. A, Gumpinger. J, Brückner. F, Bavdaz. M, Leyens. C, et al.
CEAS Space Journal
Article in journal

Blown powder directed energy deposition on various substrate conditions (2022)

Prasad. H, Brückner. F, Kaplan. A
Journal of Manufacturing Processes, Vol. 73, s. 660-667
Article in journal

Influence of AlSi10Mg powder aging on the material degradation and its processing in laser powder bed fusion (2022)

Fedina. T, Belelli. F, Lupi. G, Brandau. B, Casati. R, Berneth. R, et al.
Powder Technology, Vol. 412