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Caitlin Ferreira
Caitlin Ferreira

Caitlin Ferreira

Luleå University of Technology
Industrial Marketing
Business Administration and Industrial Engineering
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts


Article in journal

Business (un)usual: Critical skills for the next normal (2022)

Ferreira. C, Robertson. J, Pitt. L
Thunderbird International Business Review
Article in journal

Contrasting compulsive behaviour: Computerized text analysis of compulsion narratives (2022)

Ferreira. C, Lam. J, Pitt. L, Caruana. A, Brown. T
Journal of Health Psychology, Vol. 27, nr. 8, s. 1942-1958
Article in journal

How deep is your love? The brand love-loyalty matrix in consumer-brand relationships (2022)

Robertson. J, Botha. E, Ferreira. C, Pitt. L
Journal of Business Research, Vol. 149, s. 651-662
Article in journal

How Many Likes Are Good Enough? An Evaluation of Social Media Performance (2022)

Ferreira. C, Robertson. J, Reyneke. M
Journal of Internet Commerce, Vol. 21, nr. 3, s. 341-363
Article in journal

I think I like this (2022)

assessing conscious versus subconscious wine taste responses using neuroscientific techniques
Robertson. J, Ferreira. C, Reyneke. M, Rosenstein. D
International Journal of Wine Business Research, Vol. 34, nr. 1, s. 37-51