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Camilla Hermansson

Media and Communication Science
Music, Media and Theatre
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts


Chapter in book

Donna Haraway (2020)

Ett cyborgmanifest (1985)
Hermansson. C
Part of: Medievetenskapens idétraditioner
Conference paper

Mediatization of Self-identity and Divorce (2017)

A Study of Life-style Journalism and an Internet Forum on Divorce in Sweden
Hermansson. C
Paper presented at : NordMedia 2017, Tampere 17-19 augusti 2017
Conference paper

Reach out, don't Touch or Battle? (2006)

The EU Chemical Perspektiv REACH in daily press in Sweden and Poland
Hermansson. C, Reuter. M
Part of: Proceedings of the Conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research, 2006