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Jörgen Normark
Jörgen Normark

Jörgen Normark

Senior Lecturer, Head of Division
Luleå University of Technology
Humans and Technology
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
+46 (0)920 491480
A3510 Luleå

Design based on making the world better and helping people is my thing. It could be called sustainability. Design must be adapted to the person and the user and how things work, so that it really works and really creates some kind of value. It could be called Human / User centered design. Using design and design processes to create products, services and systems that look very good and offer the opportunities the user expects in an uplifting and easy-to-use way is very important. It could be called User Experience. There is also a lot to be gained from a design influencing the user to go in the right direction as well as the implementation itself being solid. It could span between everything from interaction design and behavioral design as usability.

Today's book tips: Intuitive Design: Eight Steps to an Intuitive UI by Everett McKay. Can be good for taking the shortcut to better user experiences


My research often has something to do with User Experience. For example. better interactions in cars, gamification for wellness, gamification in safety training, interfaces for the elderly, guiding design to interact properly with physical products, new experiences in music creation and gaming, sustainable and circular product design.


My teaching also revolves around User Experience. Interaction design, Interfaces, Formgivnig, UX Design, UX research, User centered design etc.


Article in journal

A Distributed Multiplayer Game to Promote Active Transport at Workplaces (2020)

User-Centred Design, Implementation and Lessons Learned
Laine. T, Normark. J, Lindvall. H, Lindqvist. A, Rutberg. S
IEEE Transactions on Games, Vol. 12, nr. 4, s. 386-397
Conference paper

Exploring Product Form Teaching within Engineering Design Education (2019)

Warell. A, Normark. J, Singh. J
Part of: Bidrag från 7:e utvecklingskonferensen för Sveriges ingenjörsutbildningar, s. 110-114, Luleå University of Technology, 2019
Article in journal

Guidelines for a mobile tool to address human factors issues in aircraft maintenance (2019)

Normark. C, Tretten. P
International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics, Vol. 6, nr. 3, s. 208-226
Conference paper

Designing with action layers (2018)

A bottom-up approach to explore product interaction for intuitive use
Singh. J, Warell. A, Normark. J
Part of: DS 93, Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education (E&PDE 2018), Dyson School of Engineering, Imperial College, London. 6th - 7th September 2018: Diversity or Conformity, s. 104-109, The Design Society, 2018
Conference paper

HealthCloud (2018)

promoting healthy living through co-design of user experiences in a digital service
Wikberg-Nilsson. Å, Normark. C, Björklund. C, Axelsson. S
Part of: Proceedings of NordDesign: Design in the Era of Digitalization, 2018, 2018