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Catrine Kostenius
Catrine Kostenius

Catrine Kostenius

Luleå University of Technology
Nursing and Medical Technology
Department of Health, Education and Technology
+46 (0)920 493288
S312 Luleå

Presentation of myself

My background is in Child Health Care and Education with special interest in Health promotion. I am a professor of Health Science and work as a researcher, and teacher at Luleå University of Technology. I also work part-time at Norrbotten Association of Local Municipalities as a Public Health Development Manager with focus on children and youth - School of health. Current research- and development projects include ChatPal, where our multidisciplinary research group explore how mental health can be promoted with the help of AI technology. The project Research Circles in Piteå municipalityisabout health-promoting school development. The research I conduct can be linked to educational programs at the Department of Health, Education and Technology. Further, I am an affiliated professor of Educationwith a health focusat Halmstad University. Our research group works with health promoting research-and developmentprojectsin general, and with particular focus on LGBTQ persons' health. I am engaged in a governmental assignment  at SBU (The Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Research) with focus on promoting mental health in children and youth, a member of the NHPRN (Nordic Health Promotion Research Network) and proud to represent Sweden in the research network SHE (Schools for Health in Europe).

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Hälsoskolan i Norrbotten






Marcus Liwicki, Catrine Kostenius and Karolina Parding, professors at Luleå University of Technology.

Chat Pal

ChatPal is a three-year, interdisciplinary research and development project that is supported by the Northern Periphery and Arctic Program in collaboration with the municipalities of Norrbotten and the Norrbotten Region. The international partners are the University of Eastern Finland, the Cork Institute of Technology, Ulster University and a number of health care players in Scotland, Finland and Northern Ireland. Luleå University of Technology professors Karolina Parding, Catrine Kostenius and Marcus Liwicki will carry out the project together with several colleagues from their respective research groups. ChatPal project included in the investment Health School in Norrbotten, which is conducted in cooperation with the municipalities in Norrbotten, Region Norrbotten and Luleå University.

The ChatPal trials

The ChatPal app is now available in four languages, Swedish, Finnish, English and Gaelic, and the research team invites everyone over the age of 18 who is interested in testing the app before the final launch. Download the app for free in the App Store or Google Play in a trial version and use the code SWE to participate in the survey in Swedish. Information in English here.


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