Cecilia Ferm-Almqvist
Cecilia Ferm-Almqvist

Cecilia Ferm-Almqvist

Visiting Professor, Chaired Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Music Education
KKL Music, Media and Theatre
Department of Arts, Communication and Education
+46 (0)911 72796
K104 Piteå


Article in journal

Assessment as learning in music education (2017)

the risk of ‘criteria compliance’ replacing ’learning’ in the Scandinavian countries.
Ferm-Almqvist. C, Vinge. J, Väkevä. L, Zandén. O
Research Studies in Music Education, ISSN: 1321-103X, Vol. 39, nr. 1, s. 3-18
Article in journal

Collaborative learning as Common Sense (2017)

Structure, Roles and Participation Amongst Doctoral Students and Teachers in Music Education – Beyond Communities of Practice
Ferm. C, Gullberg. A, Hentschel. L, Mars. A, Nyberg. J, Wachenfeldt. T
Visions of Research in Music Education, ISSN: 1938-2065, Vol. 29
Conference paper

Evolving Bildung in the Nexus of Streaming Services, Art andUsers (2017)

Spotify as a Case
Ferm-Almqvist. C, Ekberg. N, Leijonhufvud. S, Allan. J, Burkhart. P
Paper presented at : Femtonde nationella musikforskningskonferensen Musikforskning idag!, Piteå, 12-14 juni 2017
Article in journal

Inclusive arts education in two Scandinavian primary schools (2017)

a phenomenological case study
Ferm-Almqvist. C, Christophersen. C
International Journal of Inclusive Education, ISSN: 1360-3116, Vol. 21, nr. 5, s. 463-474
Article in journal

Pedagogical encounters in music (2017)

Thinking with Hannah Arendt
Ferm Almqvist. C, Benedict. C, Kanellopoulos. P
European Journal of Philosophy in Arts Education, Vol. 2, nr. 1, s. 6-52