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Michel Cervantes
Michel Cervantes

Michel Cervantes

Luleå tekniska universitet
Strömningslära och experimentell mekanik
Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik
E804 Luleå

Work Summary


I am essentially working with hydropower: experimentally and numerically. Experiments are performed on full-scale machines (Kaplan), models (Kaplan, Francis) and generic test cases (transient, flow unsteadiness). CFD is used to design experiments, understand specific flow phenomena and validate specific turbulence models.

My research is principally concerned with the effects of unsteadiness on the losses, rotor-stator interaction, flow design and flow measurements. Special interest is given to the scale-up formula between model and prototype in hydropower flow, flow control, development of the pressure-time method, trust and quality in CFD. I am partially financed by the Swedish Hydropower Center (www.svc.nu) where I am responsible of the experimental fluid dynamics.

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I am supervising and supervised the following PhD students:

  • Saeed Salehi (UT), PhD student: unsteadiness and turbulence modelling
  • Simin Dokht Saemi (UT, LTU), PhD student: numerical development of the pressure time method
  • Kaveh Amiri (LTU), PhD student: experimental investigation of a Kaplan model
  • Chirag Trivedi (IIT, LTU), PhD student: start/stop, transients in high head Francis
  • Joel Sundström (LTU), PhD student: development of the pressure-time method
  • Berhanu Mulu (LTU), PhD. student: LDA measurements on Porjus U9 model (finished 2012, now at Vattenfall)
  • Pontus Jonsson (LTU), PhD. student: development of the Gibson method for low head turbines (finished 2011, now at Poyry)
  • Urban Andersson (VRD, LTU), PhD student: LDA and pressure measurments on a Kaplan model (finished 209, now at Alstom)
  • Samuel Cupillard (LTU), PhD. student: simulation of flows between micro-pattern surfaces with application to hydropower  (finished 2009, now at Hydro-Quebec)
  • Magnus Lövgren since (LTU): development of the Gibson method for low head turbines (lic  2006, now at Vattenfall)

International and national cooperation:

  • Norvegian University of Science and Technology, Norway: flow measurements in low head hydraulic machines, transient in Francis turbines
  • Indian Institute of Technology, India: transient in Francis turbines
  • Tehran University, Iran: flow measurements in low head hydraulic machines, unsteadiness and turbulence modelling
  • University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania: flow measurements in low head machines
  • Polytenicha University of Timisoara, Romania: Kaplan turbines
  • Ecole Polytechique de Montréal, Canada: CFD of Kaplan turbines
  • McGill University, Canada : optimisation
  • Hydro-Quebec, Canada : flow measurements in low head machines, textured bearings
  • Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden: CFD of Kaplan turbine, transient
  • Vattenfall Research & Development: model testing


I am involved in undergraduate (U) and graduate (G) courses:

  • Hydromechanics (F0031T) (U)
  • Wind Power Technology (F0050T) (U)
  • Water Turbines (F7017T) (U,G)
  • Turbulence (G)
  • Trust & Quality in CFD (G)
  • Flow measurements (G)


Artikel i tidskrift

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International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems, Vol. 15, nr. 2, s. 188-209
Artikel i tidskrift

Hydraulic Scale Modeling of Mass Oscillations in a Pumped Storage Plant with Multiple Surge Tanks (2022)

Pitorac. L, Vereide. K, Lia. L, Cervantes. M
Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Vol. 148, nr. 9
Artikel i tidskrift

Influence of runner cone profile and axial water jet injection in a low head Francis turbine at part load (2022)

Khullar. S, Singh. K, Cervantes. M, Gandhi. B
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, Vol. 50
Artikel i tidskrift

Numerical Analysis of Water Jet Injection in the Draft Tube of a Francis Turbine at Part Load Operations (2022)

Khullar. S, Singh. K, Cervantes. M, Gandhi. B
Journal of Fluids Engineering, Vol. 144, nr. 11