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Vishal Chandr Jaunky

Institutionen för ekonomi, teknik, konst och samhälle


Artikel i tidskrift

Public awareness and perception towards conservation of Mauritian Flying Fox (Pteropus niger) (2021)

Structural equation modelling
Ramesh. V, Jaunky. V
Materials Today, Vol. 37, nr. part 2, s. 2269-2278

The tourist experience (2021)

Modelling the relationship between tourist satisfaction and destination loyalty
Ramesh. V, Jaunky. V
Ingår i: International Conference on Newer Trends and Innovation in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, s. 2284-2289, Elsevier, 2021
Artikel i tidskrift

Willingness to pay for the conservation of the Mauritian flying fox (2021)

Jaunky. V, Jeetoo. J, Thomas. J
Global Ecology and Conservation, Vol. 26

Factor’s Persuading ‘Online Shopping’ Behaviour in Mauritius (2020)

Towards Structural Equation Modelling
Ramesh. V, Jaunky. V, Lafleur. C
Ingår i: Embedded Systems and Artificial Intelligence, Proceedings of ESAI 2019, Fez, Morocco, s. 875-884, Springer, 2020
Artikel i tidskrift

Happiness and Consumption in Mauritius (2020)

An Exploratory Study of Socio-Economic Dimensions, Basic Needs, Luxuries and Personality Traits
Jaunky. V, Jeetoo. J, Rampersad. S
Journal of Happiness Studies, Vol. 21, nr. 7, s. 2377-2403