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Chao Wang
Chao Wang

Chao Wang

Associate Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Structural Engineering
Structural and Fire Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 492944
T2218 Luleå

On-going projects


Article in journal

A nonlinear prediction model of the debonding process of an FRP-concrete interface under fatigue loading (2023)

Min. X, Zhang. J, Li. X, Wang. C, Tu. Y, Sas. G, et al.
Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 369
Article, review/survey

A review of concrete properties under the combined effect of fatigue and corrosion from a material perspective (2023)

Liu. D, Wang. C, Gonzalez-Libreros. J, Guo. T, Cao. J, Tu. Y, et al.
Part of: Construction and Building Materials
Article in journal

A review on aerodynamic load and dynamic behavior of railway noise barriers when high-speed trains pass (2023)

Liu. D, Wang. C, Gonzalez-Libreros. J, Tu. Y, Elfgren. L, Sas. G
Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, Vol. 239
Article in journal

Assessing the unsaturated transport and adsorption properties of ions in nanopores of realistic hydrated-calcium-silicate gel using molecular dynamics simulations (2023)

Yu. Q, Lin. Y, Guo. T, Wen. R, Wang. C, Tu. Y, et al.
Computational materials science, Vol. 222
Conference paper

Effects of Temperature and NaCl Concentration on the Adsorption of C-S-H Gel in Cement Paste (2023)

A Multi-fidelity Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Cao. J, Wang. C, Wang. T, Gonzalez-Libreros. J, Tu. Y, Sas. G, et al.
Part of: Building for the Future: Durable, Sustainable, Resilient - Proceedings of the fib Symposium 2023 - Volume 2, s. 499-508, Springer, 2023