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Changping Yi

Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Mining and Rock Engineering
Mining and Geotechnical Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 491731
F1024 Luleå


Conference paper

Ignition and Growth Reactive Flow Model for Aluminized Emulsion Explosive (2020)

Yi. C, Nyberg. U, Johansson. D, Schunnesson. H
Paper presented at : 46th Annual Conference on Explosives and Blasting Technique
Article in journal

Numerical modeling for a simulated rockburst experiment using LS-DYNA (2020)

Yi. C, Nordlund. E, Zhang. P, Warema. S, Shirzadegan. S
Underground Space
Conference paper

Numerical study of the impact of joints on rock fragmentation by blasting (2019)

Yi. C, Johansson. D, Schunnesson. H, Åhlin. H
Paper presented at : EFEE 10th World Conference on Explosives and Blasting
Article in journal

Velocity Amplification of Seismic Waves Through Parallel Fractures Near a Free Surface in Fractured Rock (2019)

A Theoretical Study
Zhang. P, Nordlund. E, Swan. G, Yi. C
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, Vol. 52, nr. 1, s. 199-213
Conference paper

Calibration and Validation of Reactive Flow Model Parameters for an emulsion explosive (2018)

Yi. C, Nyberg. U, Johansson. D
Paper presented at : 12th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting, Fragblast 12, Luleå, Sweden on June 9-15