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Chris Nieto
Chris Nieto

Chris Nieto

Luleå tekniska universitet
Rymdtekniska system
Institutionen för system- och rymdteknik
3073 Kiruna

Cristóbal Nieto Peroy is a Ph.D. student at Luleå University of Technology (LTU). Currently, he works under the supervision of professors Mathias Milz and Élcio Jeronimo de Oliveira at LTU and Giovanni Palmerini at Sapienza University of Rome. His research is focused on Concurrent Engineering of Small Satellites using Hardware-In-the-Loop simulation and design platforms. Some of his current and past space projects include the QB50, APTAS and KvarkenSat missions.

He obtained his second degree studies in Aerospace engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), in 2011. He started working in the space industry at ISISpace, in The Netherlands, as a member of the ADCS group designing and prototyping a magnetometer module and a deployable boom. At that time, he also contributed in the debugging phase of an in-house developed satellite simulator. He consolidated his career trajectory in the nanosatellite sector when he joined SolarMEMS Technologies, in Spain, as Mechanical Engineer and Systems Engineer. On that occasion, he assumed the Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Verification tasks for mission CEPHEUS. He additionally performed as a consultant to the payload developers of that same mission.


Artikel i tidskrift

Concurrent development and verification of an all‐software baseband for satellite ground operations (2020)

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International Journal of Satellite Communications And Networking, Vol. 38, nr. 2, s. 209-227
Artikel i tidskrift

CubeSat Mission (2019)

From Design to Operation
Nieto-Peroy. C, Emami. R
Applied Sciences, Vol. 9, nr. 15

Integrated Design and Simulation Environment for Space-qualified Onboard Computers (2018)

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Paper presented at : Systems Engineering and Concurrent Engineering for Space Applications Conference

Projekt: Rymdforskarskolan (2015)

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