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Claes Tullin

Adjunct Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Energy Engineering
Energy Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics


Article in journal

Demonstrating Fuel Design To Reduce Particulate Emissions and Control Slagging in Industrial-Scale Grate Combustion of Woody Biomass (2020)

Rebbling. A, Sundberg. P, Fagerström. J, Carlborg. M, Tullin. C, Boström. D, et al.
Energy & Fuels, Vol. 34, nr. 2, s. 2574-2583
Article in journal

Traceability of bulk biomass (2018)

Application of radio frequency identification technology on a bulk pellet flow
Sundberg. P, Hermansson. S, Tullin. C, Öhman. M
Biomass and Bioenergy, Vol. 118, s. 149-153