Cristian Sabau
Cristian Sabau

Cristian Sabau

Luleå University of Technology
Structural Engineering
Structural and Fire Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 493254
F950 Luleå

Personal description

Currently I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering under the supervision of Björn Taljsten, Gabriel Sas and Thomas Blanksvärd. In 2012 I obtained my Bachelor degree from Politehnica University of Timisoara and subsequntly completed  in 2014 a Master in Rehabilitation of Buildings at the same university. My research focus is on the use of fiber reinforced cementitios matrix (FRCM) composites for the strengthening and repair of concrete structures with an emphasize on reinfroced concrete walls with openings.

Prior to my PhD studies I was working with energy efficiency of residential buildings in continental climates.

Research Interest

  • Strenghtening and repair of structures
  • Assessment of structures
  • Experimental testing and mesurement methods
  • Monitoring of structures

Professional expertise

  • Design steel and concrete structures
  • Finite element modelling
  • Energy audits of buildings


European Network for Durable Reinforcement and Rehabilitation Solutions (endure): FRP and MBC Strengthening of RC Walls with Openings


Chapter in book

Assessment and Loading to Failure of Three Swedish RC Bridges (2018)

Nilimaa. J, Sabau. C, Bagge. N, Puurula. A, Sas. G, Blanksvärd. T, et al.
Part of: Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Behavior through Load Testing
Article in journal

Axially Loaded RC Walls with Cutout Openings Strengthened with FRCM Composites (2018)

Sabau. C, Popescu. C, Sas. G, Blanksvärd. T, Täljsten. B
Journal of composites for construction, ISSN: 1090-0268, Vol. 22, nr. 6, s. 04018046-1-04018046-16
Article in journal

Local and global behavior of walls with cut-out openings in multi-story reinforced concrete buildings (2018)

Sabau. C, Popescu. C, Bagge. N, Sas. G, Blanksvärd. T, Täljsten. B
Engineering structures, ISSN: 0141-0296
Article in journal

Strengthening of RC beams using bottom and side NSM reinforcement (2018)

Sabau. C, Popescu. C, Sas. G, Schmidt. J, Blanksvärd. T, Täljsten. B
Composites Part B, ISSN: 1359-8368, Vol. 149, s. 82-91