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Dag Avango
Dag Avango

Dag Avango

Professor and Head of Subject
Luleå University of Technology
Social Sciences
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
+46 (0)920 491573
A306 Luleå

Dag Avango is a professor of history, specializing in the history of technology and cultural heritage, with a focus on late modern times. His research lies at the interface between archeology and history, combining theoretical approaches and methods from history, archeology, critical heritage studies and STS. In his research, Avango has examined the interaction between people and things in historical processes of change. His focus has been on the history and cultural heritage of the polar areas – the Arctic and Antarctic – exploring how and why historical change processes of change have taken place there, what their consequences were for people and environments and why. Avango's historical research has an emphasis on the history of extractive industries and on cultural heritage, particularly industrial heritage.

Dag Avango has conducted and promoted research and education in history, on important societal challenges in the present – partly research with the aim to explain historical causes of contemporary events and processes, partly by explaining how people have handled various phenomena in the past, what the result were and why. His focus is prompted by a conviction that the discipline history is of central importance in dealing with the great challenges of our time.


Chapter in book

Heritage for the Future (2022)

Narrating Abandoned Mining Sites
Avango. D, Lépy. É, Brännström. M, Heikkinen. H, Komu. T, Pashkevich. A, et al.
Part of: Resource Extraction and Arctic Communities: The New Extractivist Paradigm
Chapter in book

Mining Towns in Transition (2022)

Arctic Legacies
Malmgren. J, Avango. D, Persson. C, Nilsson. A, Rodon. T
Part of: Resource Extraction and Arctic Communities
Chapter in book

Remediating Mining Landscapes (2022)

Flyen. A, Avango. D, Fischer. S, Winqvist. C
Part of: Resource Extraction and Arctic Communities: The New Extractivist Paradigm
Article in journal

The making and re-making of high modernist towns in the Circumpolar North (2022)

Avango. D, Pashkevich. A, Rodon. T
The Extractive Industries and Society, Vol. 12