Daniel Marjavaara
Daniel Marjavaara

Daniel Marjavaara

Work Summary

Alumni at the division of Fluid Mechanics

Research Interests:

  • Surrogate-based Optimization Analysis
  • Hydropower simulations
  • Combustion simulations
  • Fire simulations
  • SMC Compression Moulding Simulations


  • Jerker Åberg, Research Trainee, 2007- (assistant supervisor)
  • Sofia Ebermark, Research Trainee, 2006-2007 (assistant supervisor)
  • Gunnar Hellström, Master Thesis, 2004 (assistant supervisor)


  • Advanced Fluid Mechanics, F7016T (MTM162)
  • Applied Mechanics, F7015T (MTM161)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics, F7018T (MTM169)
  • Hydromechanics, F0031T (MTM119)
  • Physics 3, F0006T (MTF098)


  • Software and Hardware administrator 

Papers in Preparation

Compression Moulding Simulations of SMC using a Multi-objective Surrogate-based Inverse Modeling Approach
2007; Marjavaara, Daniel; Ebermark, Sofia; Lundström, Staffan;
Experimental and Numerical Redesign of a Sharp Heel Draft Tube
2007; Marjavaara, Daniel; Andersson, Urban; Lundström, Staffan;
Motivating the SDD Approach through Scenario Development and Analysis
2007; Löfstrand, Magnus; Karlberg, Magnus; Marjavaara, Daniel;
Optimization of a Kaplan Draft Tube with the Introduction of a New Degree of Freedom
2007; Cervantes, Michel; Marjavaara, Daniel; Lundström, Staffan;