Dan Johansson
Dan Johansson

Dan Johansson


PhD in Mobile Systems.


Article in journal

Mobile e-Services (2015)

State of the Art, Focus Areas, and Future Directions
Johansson. D, Andersson. K
International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications, ISSN: 1941-627X, Vol. 7, nr. 2, s. 1-24
Conference paper

A cross-platform application framework for HTML5-based e-services (2014)

Johansson. D, Andersson. K
Part of: Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE 11th Annual Consumer Communications & Networking Conference, s. 396-400, IEEE Communications Society, 2014
Conference paper

A web-based time machine with augmented reality (2014)

Holmgren. M, Johansson. D, Andersson. K
Paper presented at : IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks : 01/10/2014 - 30/10/2014
Chapter in book

Application Mobility (2014)

Concept and Design
Johansson. D, Wiberg. M
Part of: Application Mobility - Concept and Design
Conference paper

Developing useful mobile applications in cross media platforms (2014)

Hermansson. C, Söderström. M, Johansson. D
Paper presented at : Frontiers in Innovative Mobile and Internet Services : 02/07/2014