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Daniel Hedman
Daniel Hedman

Daniel Hedman

Luleå University of Technology
Applied Physics
Materials Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics


Article in journal

Ab initio aided design of novel quaternary, quinary and senary high-entropy borocarbides (2022)

Hedman. D, Feltrin. A, Miyamoto. Y, Akhtar. F
Journal of Materials Science, Vol. 57, nr. 1, s. 422-443
Article in journal

Enhanced mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of high‐entropy HfMoNbTaTiVWZr thin film metallic glass and its nitrides (2022)

Alvi. S, Milczarek. M, Jarzabek. D, Hedman. D, Gilzad Kohan. M, Levintant-Zayonts. N, et al.
Advanced Engineering Materials
Article in journal

Impact of training and validation data on the performance of neural network potentials (2021)

A case study on carbon using the CA-9 dataset
Hedman. D, Rothe. T, Johansson. G, Sandin. F, Larsson. J, Miyamoto. Y
Carbon Trends, Vol. 3
Article in journal

Local Wear of Catechol-Containing Diblock Copolymer Layers (2021)

Wear Volume, Stick–Slip, and Nanomechanical Changes
Dobryden. I, Steponavičiu̅tė. M, Hedman. D, Klimkevičius. V, Makuška. R, Dėdinaitė. A, et al.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol. 125, nr. 38, s. 21277-21292
Article in journal

Transformation of metastable dual-phase (Ti0.25V0.25Zr0.25Hf0.25)B2 to stable high-entropy single-phase boride by thermal annealing (2021)

Feltrin. A, Hedman. D, Akhtar. F
Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 119, nr. 16