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David Myhr was born in Piteå 1970. He studied at The School of Music in Piteå and was awarded the degree of Master of Fine Arts in Music Education in 1994. As a teenager, already a leading Beatles expert (competing on Swedish national TV on the subject in 1988), it was only natural that as his degree project he – together with professor KG Johansson and Mikael Långs – organized the concert production Sgt Pepper Live (1994). It was staged in Piteå, Luleå, Stockholm and Liverpool and was broadcast on Swedish TV. Myhr played the role of Paul McCartney. The project also led to meeting the Beatles record producer George Martin.

After university Myhr moved to Stockholm and took on a career as a freelancing musician and music business entrepeneur, starting his own music production company. He was also engaged as a Creative Manager at Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

His main artistic output during the 90's was the internationally acclaimed power pop band The Merrymakers, which released the albums No Sleep 'til Famous (1995) and Bubblegun (1997). On the latter Myhr co-wrote and worked with one of his biggest sources of inspiration, Andy Sturmer from the American band Jellyfish. With The Merrymakers he achieved international success, mainly in Japan where the albums sold over 100,000 copies, and put in several appearances in the U.S. where the records were also released.

Today David Myhr is a solo artist in his own name and his solo debut album, named Soundshine, was pre-released in Japan in December 2011. Following the release Myhr travelled over for a promotional tour of Japan including live performances in Osaka and Tokyo. The album was then released in Europe in March 2012 followed by performances in among other places Piteå, Stockholm, Madrid, London and New York.

On the album Myhr has collaborated with Peter Morén (Peter Bjorn & John), Andreas Mattsson (ex-Popsicle) and with many of Sweden's most respected session musicians (Andreas Dahlbäck, Anders Petterson, Christer Jansson among others). The album was mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London. The album was extremely well received in the power pop world and ended up at the very top of several "best album of 2012"-lists in the power pop blogosphere.

His songwriting abilities and extraordinary skill at melody has led to a long-term professional relationship with Sony Music Publishing Japan. This has led to writing and production opportunities for various Japanese artists such as Miku Kakoi (Top 30 on the Japanese Billboard in 2011 with a song written by Myhr) and with PuffyAmiYumi (for which Myhr has been involved in writing five singles, the last of these with succesful Swedish songwriter/producer Peter Kvint).

As a music producer Myhr, together with former colleague and bandmate Anders Hellgren, has, over the years, produced various singles and albums for Japanese artists in their own studio "Monogram" in Stockholm. Myhr has also specialized in writing jingles for Swedish commercial radio.

As a musician (vocals, guitar, piano) Myhr has a broad knowledge of genres within popular music but specialises in classic British and American 60/70's rock,   power pop and, in particular the music of The Beatles. He has been an active performer and entertainer for twenty-five years as everything from troubadour, Beatles interpreter, and session musician, to a member of various cover bands.

He has also been involved in numerous concert productions in recent years mainly as a member of various ABBA tribute shows playing the role of Benny Anderson. He has played both in his own group Super Trouper, but also in the internationally successful production ABBA The Music playing together with members of the original ABBA band like Janne Schaffer, Lasse Wellander, Uffe Andersson, and Roger Palm. In this context Myhr has toured the US (including shows at the legendary Hollywood Bowl), Spain (World Expo in Zaragoza 2008), Cyprus, Holland, Belgium etc.

Myhr has for a long time combined his career in the music business with work as a music teacher. Since 2001 he has been a regular guest producer at the Studio Musician Program at the School of Music in Piteå (a program for which he was also in charge for in 2005/6). He’s also been teaching on high school level – he started and was in charge for the program "Music production and Sound Engineering" at Nacka Gymnasium between 2001-2004. Myhr has been involved as in the music production for various educational books,  in collaboration with authors like professor KG Johansson, professor Jan-Olof Eriksson, and Hans Hjortek.

Today, Myhr is a full-time Senior Lecturer in ensemble and music production at LTU teaching music production and songwriting at the Department of Music, Dance and Theatre under Department of Arts, Communication and Learning (KKL) and divides his time between two campuses – The School of Music in Piteå and BoomTown in Borlänge.


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Myhr, D

Melody and Madness tour 2015

Myhr, D

Melody and Madness tour EP

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Studentuppsats (Examensarbete)
Myhr, D

Sgt Pepper Live

Självständigt arbete på grundnivå (yrkesexamen), 10 poäng / 15 hp

Publicerad: 1 april 2011

Uppdaterad: 5 november 2006


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