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Denis Kleyko

Luleå University of Technology
Computer Science
Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering
A3315 Luleå


Article in journal

Autoscaling Bloom filter (2020)

controlling trade-off between true and false positives
Kleyko. D, Rahimi. A, Gayler. R, Osipov. E
Neural computing & applications (Print), Vol. 32, nr. 8, s. 3675-3684
Article in journal

A Hyperdimensional Computing Framework for Analysis of Cardiorespiratory Synchronization during Paced Deep Breathing (2019)

Kleyko. D, Osipov. E, Wiklund. U
IEEE Access, Vol. 7, s. 34403-34415
Article in journal

An Automated Machine Learning Approach for Smart Waste Management Systems (2019)

Rutqvist. D, Kleyko. D, Blomstedt. F
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Vol. 16, nr. 1, s. 384-392
Conference paper

Low-Power Classification using FPGA (2019)

An Approach based on Cellular Automata, Neural Networks, and Hyperdimensional Computing
Karvonen. N, Nilsson. J, Kleyko. D, Jimenez. L
Part of: 2019 18th IEEE International Conference On Machine Learning And Applications (ICMLA), s. 370-375, IEEE, 2019