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Diego Galar
Diego Galar

Diego Galar

Luleå University of Technology
Operation and Maintenance
Operation, Maintenance and Acoustics
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 492437
T2068 Luleå


Article in journal

A novel approach of multisensory fusion to collaborative fault diagnosis in maintenance (2021)

Shao. H, Lin. J, Zhang. L, Galar. D, Kumar. U
Information Fusion, Vol. 74, s. 65-76
Article in journal

Adaptive Dendritic Cell-Deep Learning Approach for Industrial Prognosis Under Changing Conditions (2021)

Diez-Olivan. A, Ortego. P, Del Ser. J, Landa-Torres. I, Galar. D, Camacho. D, et al.
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Vol. 17, nr. 11, s. 7760-7770
Article in journal

An Integrated Model for Dimensioning the Reserve Fleet based on the Maintenance Policy (2021)

WSEAS transactions on systems and control, Vol. 16, s. 43-65
Article in journal

Condition-Based Maintenance of HVAC on a High-Speed Train for Fault Detection (2021)

Ciani. L, Guidi. G, Patrizi. G, Galar. D
Electronics, Vol. 10, nr. 12