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Lennart Elfgren
Lennart Elfgren

Lennart Elfgren

Senior Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Structural Engineering
Structural and Fire Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 493660
T2221, F969 Luleå

Research Interests and Projects

Design and Assessment of Structures

COST Action TU1416 - Quality specifications for roadway bridges, standardization at a European level, see

fib T2.9 Fastenings to structural concrete and masonry, see

Mainline - MAINtenance, renewaL and improvement of rail transport INfrastructure to reduce Economic and environmental impacts. A European Research Project with 19 partners from 11 countries within FP7, 2011-2014. A summary and  26 reports are available at

Sustainable Bridges - A European  Research Project with 32 partners from 12 countries within FP6, 2003 - 2008.  Background documents and the following  four Guidelines and can be downloaded: (1) Inspection and Condition Assessment (SB-ICA), 259 pp; (2) Load and Resistance Assessment of Railway Bridges (SB-LRA), 428 pp; (3) Guideline for Monitoring of Railway Bridges (SB-MON), 93 pp; and (4) Guide for use of Repair and Strengthening Methods for Railway Bridges (SB-STR), 139 pp. ​

All reports available at

Video from Full Scale Test to Failure of RC Railway Bridge

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Source: Lulea University of Technology
Photo: Lennart Elfgren, Complab

Curriculum vitae



30 ton på Malmbanan. Rapport 3.3 Infrastruktur. (1996)

Forsknings- och utvecklingsprojekt avseende betongbroars bärighet
Elfgren. L, Ohlsson. U, Danielsson. G, Åström. L, Johansson. H, Paulsson. B, et al.
Conference paper

3D non-linear FE analysis of a full scale test to failure of a RC Railway Bridge strengthened with carbon fibre bars (2016)

Puurula. A, Enochsson. O, Sas. G, Blanksvärd. T, Ohlsson. U, Bernspång. L, et al.
Part of: IABSE CONGRESS, STOCKHOLM, 2016, Challenges in Design and Construction of an Innovativeand Sustainable Built Environment, s. 2527-2535, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, 2016
Article in journal

3D reconstruction of existing concrete bridges using optical methods (2019)

Popescu. C, Täljsten. B, Blanksvärd. T, Elfgren. L
Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, Vol. 15, nr. 7, s. 912-924
Conference paper

A comparison between laser scanning, photogrammetry and infrared scanning to create 3D digital models of existing concrete bridges (2020)

Popescu. C, Täljsten. B, Blanksvärd. T, Elfgren. L
Part of: 1st IABSE Online Symposium 2020, Synergy of Culture and Civil Engineering - History and Challenges, s. 1101-1108, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE), 2020
Article in journal

A deformation criterion for fatigue of concrete in tension (2011)

Thun. H, Ohlsson. U, Elfgren. L
Structural Concrete, Vol. 12, nr. 3, s. 187-197
Article in journal

A nonlinear prediction model of the debonding process of an FRP-concrete interface under fatigue loading (2023)

Min. X, Zhang. J, Li. X, Wang. C, Tu. Y, Sas. G, et al.
Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 369
Conference paper

A Parametric Study of an old Concrete Trough Bridge using non-linear Finite Element analysis (2022)

Sarmiento. S, Åkergren. D, Gustafsson. J, Gonzalez. J, Sas. G, Elfgren. L, et al.
Part of: IABSE Symposium Prague 2022: Challenges for Existing and Oncoming Structures - Report, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, s. 1652-1659, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, 2022