Evelina Enqvist
Evelina Enqvist

Evelina Enqvist


Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene reinforced with carbon fillers

Total joint arthroplasty (TJA) is considered as one of the greatest surgical successes of the 20th century starting in 1958 when sir John Charnley first introduced Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in total joint replacemnets (TJR). PTFE was not very successful as a bearing material and it was soon abandoned on behalf of Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) which had superior wear resistance. UHMWPE has, since its introduction in total joint arthroplasty in 1962, where metal is used as counterface, been considered as gold standard bearing couple. Despite the success of UHMWPE in TJA, wear particles produced when sliding against a hard counter face (metals or ceramics) induces osteolysis which is the major cause of failure of total joint replacements.


Aim of the project

Increasing the wear resistance and the mechanical properties of UHMWPE is a necessity especially for younger and more active patients with higher demands on longevity and sustainability. This project is focused on the development of reinforced UHMWPE with nanoparticles in order to improve the mechanical and tribological properties and in such way increase the lifetime of the total implant.

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