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Attractive Workplaces Through Industry 4.0

Published: 8 March 2019

The Swedish metallurgy industry has difficulty recruiting skilled labor, and it is particularly difficult to recruit young people and women. At the same time, the industry is facing a technological development jump through the introduction of various internet-based system solutions, often referred to as Industry 4.0. The new technology also sets new demands on the work force already in the industry, mainly through changing and increasing qualification requirements. Thus, it is both necessary to offer attractive workplaces that can attract young people to industry, and at the same time developing the skills that the work force industry already has. Our project aims at formulating recommendations for both attractive workplaces and skills development in a high-tech industrial context, characterized by Industry 4.0. We choose to focus on future control room work and maintenance work as we estimate that these will be at the forefront of technology development. The new technology will change the boundaries between workers, officials and contractors. Therefore, we have a holistic perspective on work and workplaces and include contractors.