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Farshid Shadram
Farshid Shadram

Farshid Shadram

Industrialized and sustainable construction
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 493039
F940 Luleå


Article in journal

Ambition meets reality (2020)

Modeling renovations of the stock of apartments in Gothenburg by 2050
Mata. É, Wanemark. J, Österbring. M, Shadram. F
Energy and Buildings, Vol. 223
Article in journal

Exploring the trade-off in life cycle energy of building retrofit through optimization (2020)

Shadram. F, Bhattacharjee. S, Lidelöw. S, Mukkavaara. J, Olofsson. T
Applied Energy, Vol. 269
Article in journal

Transitioning the Swedish building sector toward reuse and circularity (2020)

Gerhardsson. H, Lindholm. C, Andersson. J, Kronberg. A, Wennesjö. M, Shadram. F
IOP Conference Series, Vol. 588, nr. 4
Article in journal

Multidisciplinary Optimization of Life-Cycle Energy and Cost Using a BIM-Based Master Model (2019)

Sandberg. M, Mukkavaara. J, Shadram. F, Olofsson. T
Sustainability, Vol. 11, nr. 1