Fredrik Hägglund
Fredrik Hägglund

Fredrik Hägglund

About me

I was born 1980 in Örnsköldsvik in the middle of Sweden. After 12 years in school and 10 months of military service, I started my University studies at Luleå University of Technology in 2000. During fall 2004 I wrote my Master's Thesis at Ericsson Research AB in Luleå and in January 2005 I got my Master of Science degree in Electronic Engineering. In April the same year I started my Ph.D. studies at EISLAB, where I will participate in the development of ultrasonic tools and methods for characterizing thin layered materials.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Current Research

The aim of my work is to develop methods for characterization of thin layered solid materials, using ultrasound. The research objectives are to find tools that can:
- characterize layered material
- estimate material properties
- detect impurities