Gunvor Gard
Gunvor Gard

Gunvor Gard

Luleå University of Technology
+46 (0)920 493906
D904 Luleå

As a professor of physical therapy, I emphasize the importance of a holistic approach to health and safety. In my work, I focus on whether and how various health promotion can influence patients 'and workers' ability to cope with work and / or a rehabilitation back to work. There may be efforts to improve ergonomics, psychosocial work environment and work organization. It can also be efforts to achieve better physical capacity and balance such as physical exercise, increased body awareness, reduced stress levels. I work with a variety of activities to promote health and working in different environments and to prevent work-related illnesses.

Both physiotherapy and psychologically relevant factors are important in my research. It can be about influencing physical activity level, to implement a behavioral change, increase motivation, confidence in their ability and self control ie factors that can prevent stress-related diseases and chronic pain conditions. Many psychological factors contributing to our health and can be appropriately considered in physiotherapy interventions. Cooperation with staff in primary care, community, and business is essential. For persons with chronic pain problems I work with primary care to highlight and evaluate relevant interventions to reduce pain and improve function and work, such as using cognitive behavioral principles and information and communication technologies.

In collaboration with other researchers, I work with various types of scientific studies in the fields of physiotherapy, health psychology, occupational science and work-related rehabilitation. Currently, I have around 180 international publications


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