Håkan Ylinenpää
Håkan Ylinenpää

Håkan Ylinenpää

A3217b Luleå

Research interest in innovations and innovation systems, entreprenenurial organizations and Knowledge Management with a specific interest in small firms and cross-sector collaboration.


Defended his licentiate thesis on small firm growth in 1988 and his doctoral disseration Managing Competence Development and Acquisition in Small Manufacturing Firms in 1997. Received his docentship in November 2003, and became professor and chari in Entrepreneurship in November 2005. Visiting research fellow at University of Minnesota (2000) and during several years engaged with training and research in Entrepreneurship in Russia. Has been working in several research teams on a national and international basis. Has before his academic career during ten years been active as a business advisor and head of the University’s Liaison Office.


Research activities have been focused on competence development in small firms, entreprenenurial cooperation, as well as innovations and innovation systems (see CV for details).


Eganged in vocational traing programs outside the university and active in several R&D projects together with industry, organizations and authorities.



Framtidens Norrbotten (2016)

Fem scenariobeskrivningar över länets utveckling
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Chapter in book

Företags behov och erfarenheter av företagsstöd (2016)

en litteraturöversikt.
Ejdemo. T, Ylinenpää. H
Part of: De regionala företagsstöden
Article in journal

Innovation networks in different industrial settings (2016)

From flexible to smart specialization
Ylinenpää. H, Teräs. J, Örtqvist. D
European Journal of Spatial Development, ISSN: 1650-9544, Vol. 63, nr. 1, s. 1-18
Article in journal

Technological Expansions, Catching-Up Innovations and Technological Shifts at the Regional Level (2016)

Conceptual Considerations and Empirical Illustration
Anokhin. S, Wincent. J, Ylinenpää. H
Regional studies, ISSN: 0034-3404, Vol. 50, nr. 8, s. 1433-1448
Article in journal

The Role of Pilot and Demonstration Plants in Technology Development and Innovation Policy (2016)

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