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Industrial equipment and products are going through a software transformation that started over 10 years ago. There have been varying methods of embedded systems such as microcontrollers, programmable logic controllers and hardware logic controllers. These embedded systems have evolved in computing power, re-programmability and connectivity. These three factors have been key drivers to enhance potential for intelligent equipment and products. To realize this evolving potential the Internet of Things has evolved beyond simple RFID enabled components. Industry is now actively looking at 1) Digital Twins with active real to virtual updates, 2) self-reconfigurable and maintainable equipment, 3) self-organising teams of intelligent "things".

These three high level challenges entail many other challenges such as security, interoperability, scalability, integrability, and many more "ility"'s.

Research Topics

Hasan's research area is finding better techniques/methods/technologies and ways of developing software for industrial (factory) software systems. He is building on the principles and techniques used in enterprise software systems to find innovative ways of architecting software and systems in constrained, embedded and physically distributed systems.

This research is fundamental for the future of the Industrial Internet of Things and is carried out by a large number of research groups globally. Currently Hasan's attention is towards loosely coupled, run-time binding and look up based techniques such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

A criticism of SOA-based approaches is the overhead of communications in the SOAP language and the coupling of systems through remote procedure calls. Hasan's research aims to enable highly independent systems with no technological coupling and no design coupling. Meaning, the coupling is based on functional dependence between two peers of systems. This approach begins to mirror Multi Agent Systems (MAS). However, the central principles of SOA are the guide rather than the deliberative style of Agents.

Hasan's research being applied to the Arrowhead Framework, the Far-Edge and the Productive 4.0 projects.