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Helena Backman

Adjunct University Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Nursing and Medical Technology
Department of Health, Education and Technology


Article in journal

Childhood onset asthma is associated with lower educational level in young adults – A prospective cohort study (2021)

Schyllert. C, Andersson. M, Backman. H, Lindberg. A, Rönmark. E, Hedman. L
Respiratory Medicine, Vol. 186
Article in journal

Differences in diagnostic patterns of obstructive airway disease between areas and sex in Sweden and Finland (2021)

The Nordic EpiLung Study
Axelsson. M, Ilmarinen. P, Backman. H, Ekerljung. L, Hedman. L, Langhammer. A, et al.
Journal of Asthma, Vol. 58, nr. 9, s. 1196-1207
Article in journal

High but stable incidence of adult-onset asthma in northern Sweden over the last decades (2021)

Räisänen. P, Backman. H, Hedman. L, Andersson. M, Stridsman. C, Kankaanranta. H, et al.
ERJ Open Research, Vol. 7, nr. 3
Article in journal

Multimorbidity in Finnish and Swedish speaking Finns; association with daily habits and socioeconomic status - Nordic EpiLung cross-sectional study (2021)

Andersén. H, Kankaanranta. H, Tuomisto. L, Piirilä. P, Sovijärvi. A, Langhammer. A, et al.
Preventive Medicine Reports, Vol. 22
Article in journal

Occupation, socioeconomic status and chronic obstructive respiratory diseases – the EpiLung Study in Finland, Estonia and Sweden (2021)

Jalasto. J, Lassmann-Klee. P, Schyllert. C, Luukkonen. R, Meren. M, Larsson. M, et al.
Respiratory Medicine