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Henrik Wiinikka

Adjunct Professor
Luleå University of Technology
Energy Engineering
Energy Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics


Article in journal

Spatial distribution of metallic heteroatoms in soot nanostructure mapped by aberration-corrected STEM-EELS (2021)

Wiinikka. H, Hage. F, Ramasse. Q, Toth. P
Carbon, Vol. 173, s. 953-967

SFC – Annual Summary from Bio4Gasification (B4G) (2020)

Gebart. R, Bengtsson. P, Schmidt. F, Wiinikka. H, Broström. M, Backman. R, et al.
Article in journal

The effect of co-firing coal and woody biomass upon the slagging/deposition tendency in iron-ore pelletizing grate-kiln plants (2020)

Sefidari. H, Ma. C, Fredriksson. C, Lindblom. B, Wiinikka. H, Nordin. L, et al.
Fuel processing technology, Vol. 199
Article in journal

The Feasibility of Replacing Coal with Biomass in Iron-Ore Pelletizing Plants with Respect to Melt-Induced Slagging (2020)

Sefidari. H, Lindblom. B, Nordin. L, Wiinikka. H
Energies, Vol. 13, nr. 20