Holger Ecke
Holger Ecke

Holger Ecke

Curriculum Vitae

At the Division of Waste Science &camp; Technology, my research is focused in biological and chemical waste treatment processes. Through treatment-oriented characterization, first the properties of the wastes are determined and second the wastes are processed towards improvements in reuse and landfilling.

Currently, the main interest is in the stabilization of MSW incineration residues and in particular the effect of carbonation on metal mobility. The starting-point for these studies was a co-operation with The Waste Disposal Lab at Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan.

Until my Licentiate in Engineering at Luleå University of Technology in December 1997, I was mainly involved in the R&camp;D of two-step anaerobic degradation processes as a tool to control metal fluxes from solid wastes.

In 1994, my post-graduate research activities started at The Swedish Environmental Research Institute (Institutet förVatten-och Luftvårdsforskning, IVL) in Stockholm, with the improvement of membrane separation systems.

At the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany, I joined a M.Sc. programme in Chemical and Process Engineering. The studies were focused in waste treatment and biotechnical processes. They resulted in a M.Sc. Thesis about the treatment of cyanide-bearing industrial waste.

After High School, I served an apprenticeship as metallurgist at Krupp-Klöckner in Germany. During three years, I have been skilled in processes of steelmaking as well as physical metallurgy.

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Projects & Activities

At the Division of Waste Science &camp; Technology, I have been involved in the following major projects and activities:

* Selective mobilization of critical inorganic contaminants from incineration residues
* Characterization and stabilization of MSW incinerator residues
* Carbonation of alkaline wastes
* Bottom ash in road construction (BARC)
* The Sobacken Project - Improving anaerobic digestion (AD) of source-sorted householdwaste
* Anaerobic reduction of hexavalent chromium-bearing effluents
* Treatment of cyanide-bearing spent pot lining (SPL) from aluminum production
* Database on landfill test cells
* Multivariate data analysis (MVDA) as a statistical tool in waste research
* Lecturing in e.g. Landfill Technology, Mechanical and Biological Waste Treatment, Waste Technology
* Session Chair at the Intercontinental Landfill Research Symposium