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Ida Strandkvist

+46 (0)920 491329
F1330 Luleå



Article in journal

Effect of FeO/MgO Ratio on Dissolution and Leaching of Magnesiowüstite (2017)

Strandkvist. I, Sandström. Å, Engström. F
Steel Research International, Vol. 88, nr. 6
Conference paper

Influence of basicity on chromium leaching of low alloy EAF slag (2017)

Strandkvist. I, Engström. F, Andersson. A
Paper presented at : 3rd ESTAD 2017 : European Steel Technology and Applications Days, Vienna, Austria, 26-29 June 2017
Licentiate thesis, comprehensive summary

A Dissolution Study of Common Ferrous Slag Minerals (2016)

Strandkvist. I
Article in journal

Synthesis and dissolution of slag minerals (2015)

A study of β-dicalcium silicate, pseudowollastonite and monticellite
Strandkvist. I, Björkman. B, Engström. F
Canadian metallurgical quarterly, Vol. 54, nr. 4, s. 446-454
Conference paper

Chromium leaching from low-alloy EAF slag (2013)

Influence of ageing and FeO content
Strandkvist. I, Björkman. B, Engström. F
Paper presented at : The ISIJ-VDEh-Jernkontoret Joint Symposium, (The 14th ISIJ-VDEh Seminar, The 8th Japan-Nordic Countries Joint Symposiumm, on Science and Technology of Process Metallurgy), Osaka, Japan, 15-16 April, 2013