Inga Herrmann
Inga Herrmann

Inga Herrmann

Associate Senior Lecturer
Luleå University of Technology
Urban Water Engineering
Architecture and Water
Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
+46 (0)920 492528
R117 Luleå

Inga’s research focus is on sustainable small-scale water systems including on-site wastewater treatment and advanced stormwater treatment.

During her PhD studies, Inga developed test methods for sorbent materials used for phosphorus treatment in on-site wastewater facilities. Her investigations included laboratory experiments with different filter materials as well as hydro-geochemical transport simulations. Continuing on the topic, Inga now investigates small-scale wastewater treatment facilities under field conditions where she looks at phosphorus filters’ function and bacteria discharges from sand filters. She also works with on-site facilities’ sustainability and suitability under different conditions using multi-criteria analysis. Broadening her field of research, she has recently started to work with advanced stormwater treatment at laboratory scale.


Research projects


Article in journal

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Conference paper

What are the drivers to decentralize wastewater treatment systems? (2018)

A Swedish perspective
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Paper presented at : IWA 15th International Specialised Conferences on Small Water and Wastewater Systems, 14-18 October 2018, Haifa, Israel
Conference paper

An environmental approach to compare on-site sanitation systems (2017)

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Paper presented at : IWA joint conference: S2Small International IWA Conference on Sustainable Solutions for Small Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems, Nantes, October 22-26, 2017
Article in journal

Discharge of indicator bacteria from on-site wastewater treatment systems (2017)

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