Inger Lindberg
Inger Lindberg

Inger Lindberg


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“Struggling to settle with a damaged body” (2019)

a Swedish qualitative study of women’s experiences one year after obstetric anal sphincter muscle injury (OASIS) at childbirth
Lindqvist. M, Lindberg. I, Nilsson. M, Uustal. E, Persson. M
Sexual & Reproductive HealthCare, Vol. 19, s. 36-41
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“A worse nightmare than expected” (2018)

a Swedish qualitative study of women's experiences two months after obstetric anal sphincter muscle injury
Lindqvist. M, Persson. M, Nilsson. M, Uustal. E, Lindberg. I
Midwifery, Vol. 61, s. 22-28
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Going from “paper and pen” to ICT systems (2017)

Perspectives on managing the change process
Marchesoni. M, Axelsson. K, Fältholm. Y, Lindberg. I
Informatics for Health and Social Care, Vol. 42, nr. 2, s. 109-121
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Healthcare personnel's experiences using video consultation in primary healthcare in rural areas (2017)

Johansson. A, Lindberg. I, Söderberg. S
Primary Health Care Research and Development, Vol. 18, nr. 1, s. 73-83
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Patients’ and Healthcare Personnel’s Experiences of Health Coaching with Online Self-Management in the Renewing Health Project (2017)

Lindberg. I, Lindberg. B, Söderberg. S
International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications, Vol. 2017