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Jeaneth Johansson
Jeaneth Johansson

Jeaneth Johansson

Luleå University of Technology
Business Administration and Industrial Engineering
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
+46 (0)920 492364
A3217 Luleå

Jeaneths areas of education are accounting, control and finance.

Jeaneths research focus on financial decision making, resources and business models.

Jeaneths research is to a great extent in the ICT-sector.


- Business models for mobile businesses (Financed through VINNOVA)

- Value creation and value capturing in infrastructural PPP:s (Financed through FP7)

- Finance in woman owned / led companies (VINNOVA financed)

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Article in journal

Do sustainability practices influence financial performance? Evidence from the Nordic financial industry (2021)

Rahi. A, Akter. R, Johansson. J
Accounting Research Journal
Article in journal

How individual cognitions overshadow regulations and group norms (2021)

a study of government venture capital decisions
Johansson. J, Malmström. M, Wincent. J, Parida. V
Small Business Economics, Vol. 56, nr. 2, s. 857-876
Conference paper

Navigating among institutional logics in a health innovation ecosystem – shaping sustainable business models (2021)

Laurell. H, Johansson. J, Hidefjäll. P, Barlow. J
Part of: New Business Models in a Decade of Action, Sustainable • Evidence-based • Impactful, s. 196-200, Halmstad University, 2021
Article in journal

Rallying the Troops and Defending against Sanctions (2021)

A Government Body Breaking Decision‐Making Rules to Fund Entrepreneurial Ventures
Shepherd. D, Johansson. J, Malmström. M, Wincent. J
Journal of Management Studies, Vol. 58, nr. 2, s. 321-358
Article in journal

Sustainable Investments in Responsible SMEs (2021)

That’s What’s Distinguish Government VCs from Private VCs
Johansson. J, Malmström. M, Wincent. J
Journal of Risk and Financial Management, Vol. 14, nr. 1
Article in journal

DIY Entrepreneurship (2020)

a decision-pathway framework for ethical thought structures
Rodgers. W, Al Shammakhi. B, Johansson. J, Wincent. J, Adams. K
Technological forecasting & social change, Vol. 161

Rikare affärsmodeller (2020)

För ett inkluderande värdeskapande i företag och organisationer
Johansson. J, Lindberg. M, Wennberg. P, Udén. M, Sandström. J, Wikberg-Nilsson. Å
Chapter in book

Under the surface of the agricultural entrepreneurial support ecosystems (2020)

through the lens of complexity leadership theory
Cederholm Björklund. J, Johansson. J
Part of: Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
Article in journal

What do they think and what do they say? (2020)

Gender bias, entrepreneurial attitude in writing and venture capitalists’ funding decisions
Malmström. M, Voitkane. A, Johansson. J, Wincent. J
Journal of Business Venturing Insights, Vol. 13