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Jeaneth Johansson
Jeaneth Johansson

Jeaneth Johansson

Luleå University of Technology
Business Administration and Industrial Engineering
Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts
+46 (0)920 492364
A3217 Luleå

Jeaneths areas of education are accounting, control and finance.

Jeaneths research focus on financial decision making, resources and business models.

Jeaneths research is to a great extent in the ICT-sector.


- Business models for mobile businesses (Financed through VINNOVA)

- Value creation and value capturing in infrastructural PPP:s (Financed through FP7)

- Finance in woman owned / led companies (VINNOVA financed)

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Article in journal

Institutional logics and the adoption and implementation of remote patient monitoring (2023)

Hidefjall. P, Laurell. H, Johansson. J, Barlow. J
Innovation: Organization & Management
Article in journal

Nexus between institutional quality and corporate sustainable performance: European evidence (2023)

Rahi. A, Chowdhury. M, Johansson. J, Blomkvist. M
Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 382
Article in journal

A Retrospective Study of 360 Digital Transformations and a Combined Prospect Theory (2022)

Hamberg. L, Johansson. J
Academy of Management. Annual Meeting Proceedings, Vol. 2022, nr. 1
Chapter in book

Affärsmodeller för naturbaserade tjänster - Business Model Canvas (BMC) (2022)

[Luontoperustaisten palvelujen liiketoimintamallit – Business Model Canvas (BMC)]
Johansson. J, Juuso. P, Mäki. K, Välijärvi. S
Part of: Naturvärden som källa till välbefinnande: Nordic NaBS projektets resultat
Conference paper

Circularity in healthcare - A promising entrepreneurial future for changemakers (2022)

Belkow. T, Johansson. J, Reim. W
Part of: Medicinteknikdagarna 2022: Abstracts, Sveriges Medicintekniska Förening, 2022
Conference paper

Coronastöd till företag: Integration i silos ett hinder för grön omställning och jämställdhet (2022)

Johansson. J, Johansson. K, Jonasson Tolv. J, From. M, Kaluza. J
Part of: Book of abstracts FALF 2022: Framtidens arbete-arbetets framtid, s. 54-56, Luleå University of Technology, 2022
Article in journal

Do sustainability practices influence financial performance? Evidence from the Nordic financial industry (2022)

Rahi. A, Akter. R, Johansson. J
Accounting Research Journal, Vol. 35, nr. 2, s. 292-314
Conference paper

Egenmonitorering - ett innovationsteoretiskt perspektiv (2022)

Laurell. H, Johansson. J, Hidefjäll. P
Paper presented at : Vitalis Mötesplats Egenmonitorering, Stockholm, 23:e november 2022
Conference paper

Korttidsarbete i ett segregerat arbetsliv (2022)

Johansson. K, Johansson. J, From. M, Jonasson Tolv. J, Kaluza. J
Part of: Book of abstracts FALF 2022: Framtidens arbete-arbetets framtid, s. 50-51, Luleå University of Technology, 2022